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Our Mission

To achieve excellence in providing quality vocational education, training and mentoring in a caring environment facilitated with technological innovations of modern times and with customised learning materials and resources as per industry needs to help students achieve greater heights.

Our Aim

CS Institute Australia aims:

  1. To provide friendly and caring environment to students where they can look for their strengths and build up their confidence while they become more aware of themselves as potential individuals.
  2. To deliver quality vocational education and training courses that cater the needs of individuals from diverse background and help them achieving their goals.
  3. To guide students with professional career advice that will help them to choose their pathway to university and/ or their professional career.



About CS Institute Australia

CS Institute Australia provides vocational education and training courses that meet the needs of the relevant industries and workplaces. CS Institute Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with RTO registration number 41430. The Institute delivers courses that teaches relevant working skills and provides the best practice training for our students.

CS Institute Australia is a part of CS Education Group. The Group has over fourteen years of experience in providing successful and satisfactory services to the Australian community in education. The group has helped education embrace technological innovations of time and is known for its technologically advanced education and training network, and customised learning materials and resources. The legacy of CS Education Group with CS Institute Australia has made it a unique institute and provided an edge over others, despite being new to the vocational education and training. 

The trainers at CS Institute Australia are highly qualified in their respective fields and understand the need to train with the latest techniques and technologies to meet industry standards. 

CS Institute Australia believes in offering students real world experience. It involves not only theory but also the opportunity to put this theory into practice within a real organisation. The Institute provides assistance to our students to connect with relevant industries for real world placement, volunteering and work opportunities.