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CEO's Messege

The bIMG_TKimoard, management and staff of CS Education Group are very pleased to introduce to you the newly established college – CS Institute Australia. We take great pride in our work, care and passion, and we aim to deliver quality vocational and training courses to youth and mature aged individuals to pursue their education, training and career pathway.

A Millennia ago, Socrates claimed that, ”To say, ‘I know’ is to close ones mind to knowledge”. Pursuing this, our motto is ASK- Always Seek Knowledge, because we at CS Institute Australia believe that learning is limitless.

Our highly qualified, experienced and dedicated trainers guide and facilitate training where the knowledge, skills and experiences learnt leave a lasting memory. Empowering our students with quality education in the broader horizon is the mission we embrace at CS Institute Australia. With a keen focus on quality education, we are steadfast in our path of facilitating and mentoring our students to scale greater heights.

Being a technologically advanced leading edge institution, we hope to instil in our students a thirst for learning throughout their lives.

Our institute is very welcoming and I look forward to see you at CS Institute Australia in the future.


Testimony Kim
Chief Executive Officer
CS Institute Australia