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BSB40715 Certificate IV in Franchising

This qualification is suitable for franchisees operating one or more sites of a franchise operation within any industry sector. In this role, individuals apply well-developed skills and have managerial responsibilities for the franchise and the relationship with a franchisor.

Delivery Location
Unit 225, 14 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153

Delivery Modes
This course is delivered using the following modes:

  • face-to-face (facilitated on-site delivery); and
  • self-paced study (independent self-directed study)

Course Duration

The total duration of this course is 39 weeks which includes 30 weeks of facilitated onsite training at CSIA’s Bella Vista campus over four three terms and 9 holiday weeks. In addition to this you will be required to complete self-directed study of 15 hours per week during the terms which includes completion of assessment tasks.

Entry Requirements

Pre-requisite qualifications or units:
The Business Services (BSB) training package does not specify any pre-requisite qualifications or units to enter into this course.

Minimum education requirements:
CSIA requires all candidates entering this course must have completed Year 11 or equivalent qualification or have relevant experience.

Candidates who are unable to provide Year 11 or equivalent qualification are required to attend a course information session where they are required to successfully complete a Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) test. Candidates with LLN difficulties identified either through the enrolment process or the LLN test will be interviewed individually by the RTO Manager and if there is a concern on their LLN ability, they will be referred to external specialists or organisations. The cost of the external and/or additional tuition to support LLN needs must be met by the candidate. Our assistance will be limited to expanding vocabulary, explaining concepts and ensuring understanding, we are not LLN training expert or provider.

Age Requirements:
Candidates must be 18 years of age or above at the time of application.

Course Fees

Tuition Fee: $3,675
Enrolment Fee: $200
Course Material Fee: $300 (covers the cost of text books and assessment material)

Assessment methods used

The following assessment methods are used to assess units of competency. All units of competencies are assessed using more than one method so successful completion of the unit of competency will only be judged after candidate successfully completing each individual assessment
Methods of assessment include:

  • Written questions
  • Case Study
  • Reflection / Journal
  • Project / Assignment
  • Portfolio
  • Role play
  • Observation

Course Outcomes and Pathways

The outcome for this qualification is either BSB40715 Certificate IV in Franchising or, should the candidate depart the course before it has been completed, a Statement of Attainment for the units in which competency has been demonstrated will be issued.
Study pathway:
After completing BSB40715 Certificate IV in Franchising, candidates may choose to undertake:

  • BSB50515 Diploma of Franchising
  • BSB50215 Diploma of Business
  • Or other relevant diploma level qualifications

Employment pathway:
Employment outcomes from this qualification may include:

  • Franchisee of one or more sites of a franchise within any sector
  • Field supervisors / coordinators of a franchise network

BSB40715 Certificate IV in Franchising Units

BSBFRA401Manage compliance with franchisee obligations and legislative requirements
BSBFRA402Establish a franchise
BSBFRA403Manage relationship with franchisor
BSBFRA301Work within a franchise
BSBWHS401Implement and monitor WHS policies, procedures and programs to
meet legislative requirements
BSBLED401Develop teams and individuals
BSBMKG413Promote products and services
BSBHRM405Support the recruitment, selection and induction of staff
BSBREL401Establish networks
BSBCUS402Address customer needs