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Online Learning - LMS

CS Institute Australia offers its students a unique and supportive online platform which ensures the back up of their learning and activities in class. Students can access that back up when they need or if they encounter any problem. The Institute offers the smart learning tool that assists students’ learning anytime, anywhere. All this is possible now with the exclusive Learning Management System (LMS) of CS Institute Australia.

LMS is designed to be used online or on portable devices like smartphones and tablets. With personalised notifications and multimedia integration, it allows students to access the learning materials anytime and make learning much easier.



Supervised Study

CS Institute Australia offers a caring and friendly environment which motivates students to enjoy a lifetime of discovery and learning. CS Institute Australia offers special attention and assistance to every individual in order to ensure that they maximize their potential and develop their career pathway.



Teaching Staff

All courses at CS Institute Australia are taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are passionate and expert in teaching. They are all industry trained professionals and are always ready to assist every individual whenever they are asked to. CS Institute Australia is proud of its teachers’ abilities and skills and they are a vital part of the Institute.



Small Class Sizes

The learning strategy designed by the Institute suits best for teaching in small groups. As a result, the students in a class are  limited in numbers. This strategy of one on one allows teachers to give individualised attention to every student, and on the other hand, it allows every student the opportunity to participate more in class. As an ultimate result of that, the learning in class becomes more interactive and student participatory. 



Fully Accredited Courses

CS Institute Australia is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). All courses at the Institute are not only fully accredited but they are also aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The qualifications received by the students at CS Institute Australia are recognised by the industry and acceptable if students wish to advance their studies.




Employment Placement

CS Institute Australia understands the importance of work placement that gives you the chance to gain hands-on and valuable experience before getting into the workforce. The Institute will work closely with CS Education Group and other industry partners to assist students to find placement, volunteering and internships opportunities. This initiative will help students to increase their skills and knowledge and have a better understanding of the industry and hence have a successful career.



University Pathways

Students who wish to further their studies have a lot in courses CS Institute Australia offers. After successfully completing the accredited courses at the Institute, students can apply for further studies in a college or university of their choice. If they are successful in securing admission in a college or university, there will be a high chance for them to be eligible for receiving exemptions that can shorten their degrees.



Recognition of Prior Learning

CS Institute Australia provides opportunity to its students to get recognition of their already achieved skills and knowledge if the evidence provided meets the learning outcomes of the relevant qualification or unit of competency. The recognition is awarded after evaluating the written application submitted and documented evidence claimed by the students.